Who are these Radio Record Hop Guys?

Tim and Ernie have known one another for over 23 years and worked on music and other types of projects for almost all of those years. They met as DJ's for a youth group they both belonged to in their younger years.

They have been working together as Radio Record Hop since 1984.

They appeared together on WKLH-FM's, "Hey Mom, I'm on 'KLH" in 1992. 

Here is a little more about each of them.

Ernie Bottom is a long time broadcasting professional. He was working on air at a Milwaukee AM oldies radio station at the time he was inspired to start Radio Record Hop. Prior to that, he worked on a country radio station. 

He has played accordion since his childhood years, even playing on the WTMJ - TV 4 Kids Club on Saturday Morning. 

He has a wife, two children and two dogs,  all whom live in the Milwaukee Area. He is a support specialist for a Real Estate Service Provider.

For many years now, Ernie has been collecting music of all types. From Big Band to the sounds of the 70's, many of these records are in use for Radio Record Hop, and recorded on custom made CD's.


Tim St. Thomas also has a broadcast past. He and Ernie had been acquaintances for a few years when Ernie approached him to play for wedding reception. He's been hooked on the business ever since. He currently runs his own Cabinetmaking business. 

He has a wife, two dogs and a teenage a cat (Really a teenager - shows up for dinner, then wants to go back outside). All them live in the Milwaukee area. In his spare time, he is working on a book about the neighborhood where he grew up and other famous parts of Wisconsin. He also does photography as a hobby, you can view samples of his photography here. As a new hobby, he has been restoring a 1983 Suzuki Tempter/GS650. It had been stored out door for 5 years and was given to him by that neighbor. As of May, 2007 it was running. You can view photos here.

Also a long time music collector, Tim supplies many of the over 2000 titles carried to every show.



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