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Sometimes you can't get away to see us in person. Well, technology lets you do the next best thing.

Our Audio Demo

When you call to request more information, we can send you a CD or cassette tape. It has samples of some of the music we play, our voices and gives you a chance to hear us. The file link below will download a Real Audio copy of this demo and let you listen right now.

The Demo in Real Audio 

Or for those with a high speed (T1, Cable, etc.)  internet connection:

The Demo in MP3 format (4 Meg) - Download

Listen Here:

Get Windows Media Player

Or NEW Podcast

If you need software to hear a podcast, try this page.


Hear us at work

live.gif (362 bytes) In broadcasting, on-air staff will record an 'air-check'. It's a recording that runs each time they speak or at other similar times so they can review and learn from each performance. We tape each dance we do and listen for items to improve. You can hear parts of a dance we did for a class of 1974 reunion. To listen in Real Audio click here. They had so much fun (so did we) that we were invited back 5 years later for their next reunion.

See us set up our equipment.

You can view a time lapse video of us setting up our equipment. To see it on Real Video click here.

A Tool you need

You will need The Real Audio Player. Real Audio

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