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We pack our equipment into a van and can set up in most every staging situation. We require a space the size of a Mini van for all of our equipment, including lights and speakers.

Our equipment on stage when it is setup and ready for a dance. This is a hall in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. 

This is at the Germantown Legion Hall.

Our equipment from the DJ View. 

At the left is a laptop computer. We run software that lets us find our music on our custom made CD's and track to assure that we play all requests. At center is our mixer for microphone and CD inputs. Right of that is a tape recorder; we record all our shows for reference so we can review and improve our show. A meter to assure we keep the volume at an even and comfortable level. In front of that is the controller for our Twin CD player. 

Our lighting controller and switching center. To the right of that, a bin we use to hold our CD's.

Our "tree of lights." Just enough to have fun, but not overwhelm!


Our stand, table and light tree ready for action!

And it all fits in a mini-van. We pack our equipment very tightly. Here are a some photos of how it looks. 

Check back as we add more photos to this page often.


Check back often as we add photos to this page. latest additions September 2006


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