What equipment is used at every Radio Record Hop Dance?

Our goal has always been to present the best quality sound we can, while taking up as small of space at a hall as we could. Our equipment selection has been designed so that everyone is comfortable with it at every dance.

You can enjoy more views of our equipment on our photo page.

Believe it or not, we carry all of our equipment in a mini van, yes, it's that compact. But don't let that size fool you. Here's the list of our equipment:

Two Laptop Computers (Mirror Image Hard Drive) running DirEttore Pro Edition

Behringer 12 channel Mixer

2 Nady wireless 'Hand Held" type microphones

1 Nady Headset wireless microphone

TOA, three-way Speakers

QSC 300 watt per channel power amplifier

American DJ "Rover" light

American DJ "Roto" light

American DJ Lighting effects Controller

4 'Can' lights on one light tree.

"Hot Shot" Strobe Light

Police light

Mirrored ball with interchangeable colors

Custom light box on stand.

Custom light controller switch box

Fog Machine with Chiller attachment

Microphone stands, speaker stands

Musical instruments as props and rhythm.


Don't let this list intimidate you. We don't believe that every occasion is an opportunity to play loud and fill the hall with smoke and lights. We tailor the level of the music, and the amount of lighting effects we use to the crowd and the style of music we play.

Please call or e-mail if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them for you.

Last Updated:  05/04/2008 03:53 PM