When you visit Milwaukee or need to know something.

This page shows you links of places on the web with information about Milwaukee, and other places on the web that may be helpful when pulling together your event.

50 Years of Dance

Have you seen "The Evolution of Dance"? Judson Laipply dances the last 50 years here.

Thanks Aaron!

Green Bay Packers Website
We are proud to be part of Wisconsin. As such, we invite you to visit the Green Bay Packers Website.

Running the bases... heading for home!!!!

The Milwaukee Brewers (Baseball) Website is full of team information. You could take in a ball game, do a little tailgating (Having a picnic in the parking lot, in case you're not from Milwaukee)...

We have the game of Hoops here in Milwaukee...

The Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Team is very fun to watch. If you are in town during the season, check out the Bucks.

When in Milwaukee...

Milwaukee.com is a great site for seeing some of the many aspects of Milwaukee, WI and surrounding area. The local newspaper is the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal, check out the latest in local news and events there. For an alternative view check out Shepherd-Express.com, another great place to look for events. Or check out OnMilwaukee.com.

Remember when?


Driveintheater.com is a great place to reminisce of the days-gone-by. 

Find a photographer....

This is a great site for finding a photographer and other people you need for your wedding.

A gift idea

When considering a gift to give someone special, why not donate money in their name. Heifer International is an organization that not only provides animals and seed for farmers and others looking to raise their own food, but education so that they may learn to be self sustaining. Give someone a fish, they eat today. Teach them to fish and they eat all of their life. 

What was the song in that movie?...

Can't remember the name of the song in a favorite movie? If you remember even part of the title, check out The Internet Movie Database They have a very extensive database of movies and TV shows complete with a soundtrack listing and just for fun, a listing of goofs found in each film.

Find music on CD

If you have the song title, you can find any CD it may have appeared on at Gracenote.Com. Some software programs refer to this site to display information about CD's.

OK, Everybody, ah 1, ah 2

If you'd like to sing along to MIDI files of your favorite tune, maybe it's on the files on Lyrics and Tunes. Turn your speakers up and sing along. Lyrics are provided.

And for the fun of it. Try Am I Right?

Take in a deep breath...

You need to relax. Take a moment or two to visit one of our lake pages The Lake and The Lake 2. This page is very relaxing to watch. Be sure you turn on your speakers. Great for relaxing after a long day of party planning. 


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