At a Dance!

We are proud to show you photos of us at work. 

The two of us in our "Y.M.C.A." gear! Tim is controlling the lights while Ernie the next song ready. Wonder what it will be?

We play a great mix of music. Heart pounding party songs and romantic classics for a some snuggle time.Our goal at every dance is to get your crowd on the dance floor, having a great time!

Play that Guitar Girl!

Bride and groom smooching from DJ view.

We do play country!

Folks of all ages love our show!

In a touching moment, the grooms brother surprises everyone by showing that he has been taking violin lessons. We are proud to relinquish the stand for his use.

Ernie and his "little buddy"

Our new Dance outfits... OK...really.. Halloween, 2003

The view from our stand of a packed dance floor.

When we are able to use our fog machine, the lights take on a different look.

We use custom CD's we have made. Every song on them is a hit and ready to pack the dance floor. Here you see one of them being placed in our twin CD player. Get ready for some dancing!